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Maintenance technology of hydraulic system of engineering machinery

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1. choose of hydraulic oil in hydraulic system plays a pass pressure, lubrication, cooling, sealing the role of inappropriate selection of hydraulic oil hydraulic system fault and durability of the main reasons for the decline. Random should be set out in the manual of the grade hydraulic oil, when special circumstances require the use of substitute oil, should be aimed at the same performance as the original grade performance.

2. maintenance considerations the current set of intelligent device for hydraulic system of construction machinery, the device for hydraulic system of certain hazard warning function, but its monitoring scope and accuracy has some limitations, so maintenance of the hydraulic system should be intelligent device monitoring results combined with regular maintenance.

(1) 250h inspection and maintenance check filter filter attachment, such as metal powders, often oil pump abrasion marks or cylinder cylinder.

(2) after running 500h 500h inspection and maintenance of construction machinery, regardless of how the filter should be replaced, because of difficult to detect with the naked eye filter small damage, if hot work should be well in advance for a long time to replace filter.

(3) 1000h inspection and maintenance should be cleaned filter, clean hydraulic tank, replace filter and hydraulic oil, heat oil change should be appropriate for a long time in advance.

(4) 7000h and 10000h inspection and maintenance of engineering machinery hydraulic system required by the professional staff, make the necessary adjustments and repairs. According to practice, hydraulic pump, hydraulic motor 10000h must be overhauled, or defective hydraulic pump, hydraulic motor may be damaged, damage to the hydraulic system is fatal.

3. prevent solids mixed with cleaning for hydraulic system of hydraulic oil in hydraulic system of life. Many precision coupling in the hydraulic system, set the damping holes or cracks. Precision coupling caused by intrusion of solid impurities is pulled, card issuers, oil, road blockage, endangering the safe operation of hydraulic systems. (The technology information platform is the most powerful app technology, likes to focus on the technology! Search technology or man-machine the most attention to. )

4. the hydraulic system of air and water intrusion prevention

(1) to prevent the intrusion of hydraulic system of air at atmospheric pressure in the hydraulic oil at room temperature with a volume of 6%~8% air pressure to reduce air free from oil, the bubble burst the hydraulic components "CAVITATION" noise. A lot of air into the oil will make "CAVITATION", hydraulic oil compressibility increases job insecurity and reduced efficiency, implementation of components appear "creep" and other adverse consequences. In addition, the air also oxidizes hydraulic oil, accelerate its spoilage.

(2) to prevent the invasion of hydraulic oil in hydraulic system of water containing excessive moisture will cause corrosion of hydraulic components, oil emulsion deterioration, oil film strength and accelerated wear. In addition to repairs and maintenance to prevent moisture intrusion, but also note that oil barrel when not in use to tighten the lid, the best placed upside down; Moisture content of the hydraulic oil to the filter several times, each filter you want to change the dried filter paper. When there is no special equipment, and hydraulic oils can be dripped on hot iron plate, no steam come out and immediately burn to raise