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Hydraulic power system for CNC lathe variable speed what is the State?

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CNC hydraulic power station can be used as a module is placed behind the machine. Need top large workpiece, installing hydraulic tailstock top system so that it becomes another operational modules, shared the same hydraulic power system.

In processing in the, dang program run to need for speed State Shi, NC system first issued parking signal, then program issued control signal makes hydraulic pump up moving for oil, while hydraulic system of electromagnetic valve according to control signal for sucking collection, to speed oil cylinder for oil, makes piston rod out or returned, promoted dial fork makes gear for speed, dang gear mobile in place Hou, cam touches micro-moving switch, feedback signal to NC system, is speed end, program continues to down run implementation processing artifacts.

Spindle variable speed module is installed on the headstock, which consists of frame, cylinders and tubing, micro-switches and other components. Bracket length and width same size as the top of the headstock size, the whole spindle speed module in the headstock above to install the cover plate using the four screws holes, pin holes in and added to module positioning. Bracket Central has clapboard support, speed oil cylinder fixed in clapboard Shang, and is located in by to control slip of gear axis are above, and oriented axis with axis; oil cylinder piston rod is located in oriented axis within, and speed dial fork through PIN axis joins; speed dial fork sets in oriented axis Shang, can in piston rod of led Xia along oriented axis back and forth mobile; oriented axis for hollow and open has oriented slot, to piston rod and speed dial fork joins, oriented axis by pin axis fixed in bracket Shang; two a gear modification dial fork are for down vertical structure, Respectively in the corresponding Groove sliding gear transmission.

Cylinder oil transmission oil, the piston rod to move through the PIN shaft slip yoke slip gears, gear variable speed gearing, gear in place by bumps on the fork touches the Microswitch on the cover, given gear signal, or transmission end.