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Advantages and characteristics of hydraulic motor

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First, the advantage of hydraulic motor

1, small size, light weight, its dimensions are much smaller than other types of the same torque hydraulic motor.

2, speed wide range of stepless speed regulation, minimum steady speed of 15 r/min, easy installation and arrangement, investment cost low.

3, in the hydraulic system can be used in series or parallel.

4, the rotational inertia is small, under load easy starting and reverse can be used, and reversing without downtime.

Hydraulic orbit Motors wide range of uses, mainly for agriculture, fisheries, light industry, lifting and transportation, mining, construction machinery and other machinery in the slewing mechanism of.

Foreign examples of hydraulic motor:

1 agricultural: combine harvesters, seeders, rotary tillers, mowers, sprayers, forage mixer, surface drilling machine.

2 fisheries by: machine.

3 light industry: winding machines, textile machines, printing machines, washing machine business.

4 the construction industry by: roller, cement mixer, sweeper.

Second, the structure and the characteristics

Control valve and hydraulic motor for the output shaft in one, inserted under hydraulic motor stator and rotor, concrete structure, as shown in figure a, the main features:

1 with the flat face and axial section flow distribution, structure is simple and compact, with high precision;

2 use tipped rotor, and high mechanical efficiency, high pressure operation and long service life;

3 use double angular ball bearings can withstand greater radial and axial load, friction small, high mechanical efficiency.

4 Advanced Port design, flow distribution characteristics of high precision and automatic compensation for wear.

5 motor allows series connection and parallel connection series use a Bell when leaking oil.

6 design supported by tapered roller bearings with large radial load capacity, making motor direct drive mechanism.

More than 7 kinds of installation such as flange, output shaft and oil port connection type