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Considerations for installation of hydraulic cylinder

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1, out of the box: cylinder sealed in VCI agents, therefore, allowed to remove inlet plug before assembling. If you remove the plug must be installed on the body, and inside the cylinder filled with oil

2, rust-proof: after the fuel tank mounted on the body, if the piston out of the case is placed must be in the exposed portion of the piston rod coated with grease.

3, speed: General specification of the cylinder, when the action faster than 2m/s, whose service life will be affected. With 0.3M/s as stroke end, for the purposes of protection and security, recommended installing buffer. In addition, the cylinder is stopped, in order to protect the cylinder bodies and security reasons, lines must also be considered, in order to prevent a big shock. In order to increase the amount of oil cylinder, circuit design, should pay special attention. In 0.5M/min the following low-speed operation, will impact movements (in particular vibration), so low-speed operation, the negotiations should be conducted.

4, operation: operational early, must be completely in the oil tank of the air. Entrapped air, fully functioning at low speed, to exclude air. If the residual air in the cylinder affected by a sharp pressure, then, because of the effects of hydraulic oil, are likely to seal burned. Besides this, if the negative pressure within the fuel tank, then will have the exception may occur due to cavitation.